Kanata Lakes Fellowship


Congregation Meeting, 3 Feb 2008


1.† Brian Devisser and Tony Copple

††† ††††††† Who are we?†† Why do we do it?


1. KLF immediate future

The two streams of growth: Anglicans and local residents

How we can grow

Reaching out to the local unchurched

Alpha as evangelism


2. Membership

Expectations of members

You can only vote at one church vestry

††††††††††† Itís time to relinquish regular duties at your present church

††††††††††† - but keep links with your friends there

††††††††††† Regular attendance.† Names tel nos and e-mails in guest book.

††††††††††† - from the guest book we will compile a congregation list.†

††††††††††† Financial support (10 tithers support one pastor)

††††††††††† Pray at home.† Read Bibles at home.†† Some great sermons on our web site.


At our next congregation meeting (within 2 weeks) we will be forming a leadership team which will become a church council.† Meantime we welcome offers of help, ef

††††††† ††† Coffee making

††††††††††† Greeting

††††††††††† Reading the scriptures

††††††††††† Music ministry and operating the projector


3. The Bishopís visit next Sunday afternoon 10 Feb at 4:30

Bishop Don Harvey, possibly accompanied by Cheryl Chang, both of ANiC

Why this was necessary

Format of the meeting

The kind of questions he will be answering

We will be joined by the Lanark Home Group

Evening: come to the public meeting at 7:30 at Sandy Hill Community Centre


4. Alpha Course

Starts 7 April and runs Mondays for 11 weeks.†† Location The Royal Oak, March Rd

For non Christians AND experienced Christians

5. Our Web Site

Google Kanata Lakes Fellowship to find it.

Mission, Noticeboard, Links, Blog.†