Kanata Lakes Fellowship

Membership Covenant

Personal Faith; The Building Blocks of My Beliefs

I believe that there is One God who is the Creator of all that there is. I believe that Jesus was both fully God and fully human, that He died on the Cross to pay for my sins, and that He rose from the dead. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour., trusting in Him alone for my salvation and desiring to obey Him in all areas of life. I believe in the Holy Spirit and rely on Him to sustain me in my faith and to help me to live the way God wants me to every day.

Doctrine: What I Believe Is True

I believe that the Montreal Declaration (Essentials 1994) is a reasonable explanation of biblical Christianity, and in particular, of Anglican belief and practice.

Piety:  How I Will Try to Live More Like God Wants Every Day

I believe that it is right for a Christian to engage in regular times of prayer, Bible study, and meeting together with other Christians for encouragement and fellowship. Even though I realize that I will not be perfect in this life, I am committed to obeying God's commands, which are found in the Bible. When I do not obey Him, I turn to God for mercy and forgiveness. I rely on God's help to try to live in a holy way.

Church Commitment: How I Will Be a Member of This Church

I am committed to attending Kanata Lakes Fellowship on a regular basis. I am committed to praying for its
ministry and its leaders. I am committed to being involved in the ministry of Kanata Lakes
Fellowship in whatever way God leads. I am also committed to
financially supporting Kanata Lakes Fellowship, realizing that God calls us to support the local Church through our tithes.

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